Monday, October 27, 2003

Harmonic Anticipation

I filled out my registration for Camp Harmony today. However, the usual joy this brings is rather marred by the knowledge that Lacey will not be attending this year. It's going to be positively disorienting not to have her there. The traditional formation (Me, Quena, Lacey, Jac) will be completely disrupted. But I suppose we'll muddle Laceylessly along somehow. I'm thinking I'll teach my music theory series again, though I should start thinking about that a little bit ahead of time, since I haven't done any lessons recently. And cross-step waltz has been a pretty big hit the last couple years, so I'll probably do that again, too. And then of course there are all the tunes to play and songs to sing and dances to dance. Ooh, and I wonder if I can find anyone there who can do Tuvan throat singing. I'm still working on that (and getting it a little bit) and it would be fun to find someone who can help me out. So much stuff to look forward to.

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