Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Car Guts Scare Me

I wish I knew things about cars. fRed's been doing strange things the last couple days, dying on me when I come to a stop, or shuddering strangely. I talked to Pa about it tonight, and he was very helpful but my mind loses track of carburetors and throttles and whatchamadoodies pretty quickly. Just opening up the hood and looking in there is intimidating for me. But it seems like it'll probably be okay for a few more days and then Pa can take a look at it with me when we're all together at Mom's this weekend. He said it could just be something we can clean out and take care of ourselves. Meaning himself, of course. I can be the lovely assistant holding the oil can or something. All I can say is, I better not get stuck up in Berkeley again. Although I suppose this time I'd at least know where to take fRed for repairs.

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