Monday, May 12, 2003

Well that was a fairly busy weekend I just had. Let's see what I can catch up on.

Big Dance was a lot of fun. Most of my photos didn't come out too well, but I posted a few of them anyway. There were some amazing performances this year. Some of the highlights were Big Air II (dancers flying through the air), a martial arts tango (two guys and Katie), and Swingtime (Go Kari! :-). Tina and I competed in the role-reversal swing competition but got tapped out right before the finals. Phooey. I also entered the polka relay race with Quetzal, where we had to use one of those large, noodle pool toys as a baton, but we couldn't use our hands. Our team got third place in that. Those noodles pretty soon led to all sorts of craziness. I spent one tango with Rebecca wrestling a noodle from Ben and Tracy who were going around whacking people with it. That was a moderately traumatizing dance. But there were a lot of good dances too, and I had a very good time. I was sure ready for bed by the time I got home at 7 am, though.

So I slept a few hours Saturday morning and then went to the Bridge Fair with Lacey and Hugo and Mom and Tina. And then I pretty much just collapsed in the evening, so that was that.

Yesterday we went up to Rossmoor for Mother's Day get-togethers. I didn't even bring my camera there, so I can't show you all how adorable Gia (my little step-niece) was. But it was fun to see everybody and Hugo got to meet a lot of our family all at once, so that was nice.

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