Sunday, September 22, 2002

Well, I guess there are a few things to catch up on here....

Thursday: One good music theory lesson, the other one rescheduled to tonight.

Friday: Another lesson in the afternoon, then later on a night-time walk through the Stanford Arboretum. That's a great place, with all sorts of cool trees, a mausoleum, some statues and a cactus garden. The moon was beautiful, and one day away from full. I stayed up a bit too late, though.

Saturday: Went up to Mom's place in Berkeley and also saw Quena, who came down from Davis to visit. We went to the Berkeley waltz night, where I particularly enjoyed some of the cross-step waltzes and polkas.

Today: Came back from Berkeley, still somewhat sleep deprived. I've got that other music lesson to teach tonight, then I'll probably just veg out and go to bed early.

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