Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hot Chix Dig Environmentalists

Do you know someone who is both male and environmentally clueless? Then start training him using the power of positive associations, and get him this for Christmas: The Hot Chix Dig 2009 Calendar: Fighting Global Warming One Pinup at a Time. You can also just buy it for anybody who likes this kind of thing. :-)

The whole Hot Chix Dig project is a clever idea, and it doesn't stop at calendars: check out the rest of their galleries, and the blog as well. I know several of the lovely ladies who've been involved and I'm glad they've had a lot of fun "using [their] best assets for an important cause." So go support them! And follow some of their environmentally friendly tips while you're at it!

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AnnaBee said...

Thanks for the tip Mr. G - yeah for easy holiday shopping!

I just went to the mall for the first time this season... not sure whether to be happy that it wasn't crowded (more personally convenient) or unhappy (oh dear, recession's here).