Monday, February 25, 2008

The First Few Days

I've been unemployed for four full days now, and to be honest, it's really just a lot like a long weekend so far. After a few more days perhaps it'll settle in that I'm not going back. I'm letting myself start out taking it pretty easy for a bit, not pushing to do all the many many things on my list right away. But soon enough I fully expect to be scheduling up my fun time as much as I ever did my work time. You can decide for yourself whether that sounds like a blessing or a curse. :-)

On Saturday I went to Santa Cruz for the first time in ages and had a nice visit with Jim. I came out of that with a few new CDs and a loaner accordion. (I know, I know -- the last think I need is more musical aspirations. But how can I resist?) Then I played a gig with him and George. It was pretty low-key -- just background music for an 85th birthday party. I love playing with both of those guys, and it was all Irish tunes, so it was the ideal easy gig for me. It's a pity we didn't know The Galway Shawl, though. We knew it neither at the beginning of the gig, nor at the end, nor at any of the various points in the middle that the birthday boy asked us about it. Oh well. Driving home in the storm was pretty crazy (there were several points at which I wished I had a submersible car) but I made it okay.

Other than that I've also had fun at Faster Polka (with a Kerry Sets lesson), a music party (chaotic but enthusiastic), and shape note singing. Between more upcoming music and dance things, volunteer work, and family visits, I should be keeping fairly busy and also fairly social. That latter point is important, since it was a potential worry about leaving a workplace where I always have people around. I can keep myself perfectly well occupied on my own, but it's nice to know I can easily find friends and fun when I need to get myself out of the apartment.

And I just this morning acquired a new project when Rowyn invited me to join her new blog of Social Dance Music. It's just beginning now, but should develop into something fun. Check it out, subscribe to it, leave comments, and let me know if you have good music to suggest.


2HelpUs said...

Enjoy you time! Like you said, you will be busy again soon enough!

thekidnexxtdoor said...

Dude I read your book in two days. Righteous piece of work. What next!!?

Danny said...
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Anonymous said...

i dont think you need anyone to tell you this but you live once...enjoy the crap out of life.

while be a tool for a large part of your life

Alexi George said...

Great blog! Keep up the good work.

Snusilus o Sannibus said...

Nice blog!

Enjoy your free time, soon enough I'm sure you will have work to do once again!


Dennis said...

oooh, I wish someday I can work in Google company... But still, my grammar still sucks and well... atleast i can cook lol