Sunday, July 09, 2006

So I Went Dancing

A couple of very good dances this weekend. First was FNW, with Anne teaching a tango class beforehand. I went to that and mostly got a review of a few things I learned when I took Argentine Tango a few years ago, but it was good to get it back into the front of my brain again. The rest of the evening had some fun dances, including a doozy of a polka with Eric and Bob swapping the lead but me having to follow all the time. Eric and I had some of the most ground-covering redowas ever at the end there, and I was about to keel over afterwards, but it was worth it. I gotta get better at omni-position polka, though, not to mention transition via genuflection.

Last night, Footloose (from North Carolina) was playing at the Palo Alto contra, so I went there for the first time in a while. Good to be back contradancing again, and with a really good crowd. Great music, too -- the wa-wa pedal on the fiddle was especially mind-blowing. I want one of those to play with. And I had a couple of excellent waltzes with Tracey. In the first one, rotary tempo, we did a combination of canter-pivots and underarm-turns, all while doing a left-turn waltz. I've been leading that a lot recently in right-turn, but Tracey was following so well that I didn't realize it might be harder going left until it was already done (and easily, too, I might add). I think we were going around a corner at the time too, so we got about the maximum amount of turning possible. Good stuff.

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