Thursday, December 08, 2005

Steppin' Back Out

I made it back to Steppin' Out for Lindy Hop last night, after last month's hiatus. Fun to be back there again, though I'm bummed that with holiday schedules I'm only going to get two dances there this month. Oh well. I'm starting to seriously consider switching to do West Coast Swing on Monday nights, though. I've been lamenting my few and forgotten WCS skills recently, and I'd really like to get better at it, plus I know Richard Kear is teaching there now, so it should be good. The problem, though, is that I still really like the Lindy Hop and I'm learning a lot from Trevor and Megan. Of course, the problem also is that I'm reluctant to book up more than a certain percentage of my weeknights, since technically I could do stuff on both Monday and Wednesday nights. But I do need some downtime.

Oh, and speaking of learning dances, I really need to learn Balboa sometime. I suck at dancing fast swing and that would help. Plus, it just seems like a good thing to know.

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AdamTest said...

Ah, Graham, you and I are faced with the same dilemma: So much interest in dancing, but so little time and so many competing interests!

If you do delve more into WCS, you may want to check out the Boogie by the Bay event each year (I think in Nov or Dec)... featuring a mix of Lindy Hop and WCS classes, competitions, and exhibitions.