Monday, December 12, 2005

Musical Signatures

So this is kind of cool. The iTunes Signature Maker will analyze your iTunes library and make a short sound file merging together parts of various representative songs, choosing a set number of them by play count, or rating, or other options. It actually comes out with some pretty interesting stuff. This is my favorite result from my iTunes library so far. For the options on this one, I used 40 songs, chosen by play count, five second clips, up to five overlapping at once. I thought the overlapping might be too much, but I actually kind of like the density of sound it creates. Another version has 30 songs, with four second clips, and no more than two overlapping at once. How many of the separate songs can you recognize? should totally integrate something like this with user profiles.

(Link via Lifehacker.)


Miriam said...

Ooh, a fun game! Here are my guesses...I recognized positively about half of them, I think.
1. ?
2. Brewer Lad with the Popcorn-Nightingale
3. Let's Get Mesolithic-EFO
4. Whistling in the Dark-TMBG
5. ?
6. ma-ma-ma?
7. something by EFO?
8. Anaheim-TMBG
9. ?
10. baby bdee bdee bdee?
11. ?
12. Till My Head Falls Off-TMBG
13. It's alright with me?
14. ?
15. ?
16. Another First Kiss, TMBG
17. ?
18. something by Rockapella?
19. ?
20. Harder Better Faster Stronger-Daft Punk
21. ?
21. ?
22. Araber Tants-Shirim
23. oww?
24. Impossible-TMBG
25. Ooh Ahh...Just a Little Bit-Gina G
26. ?
27. All Shook Up-Elvis Presley
28. ?
29. Great Day to be Alive-Indigo Swing
30. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy-Big and Rich

Jonathan said...

Aha, now I understand what that thing's all about! It was mentioned on the radio the other day - the way it was explained there, I thought it described your personality based on the music in your iTunes collection, eg. angry, calm, depressed, etc. That would be cool though...

Trish said...

Just looks like code to me. Impressive, but can't read it!

Tandava said...

If your browser isn't doing the right thing with the sound files when you click the link, try right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) the link and doing a "save as..." instead. Then open the file in iTunes to play it. Sorry. Probably should have made it just a regular mp3.