Saturday, December 31, 2005


Lacey and I both got absolutely floored by the flu last night, as did a lot of the Camp Harmony crowd. So we actually just called Mom and had her come rescue us and bring us home today. It really sucks to leave camp right on New Year's Eve of all times, but if we're going to be completely incapacitated, I'd rather do it at home. Sigh. Back to resting for me, now.


AdamTest said...

Oh crap! Did you get the flu despite getting innoculated this year?!

Either way, I'm sorry to hear about you both getting sick. Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Leon said...

The flu is taking it's toll of people here in Victoria too. I have several friends who are sick. Too bad you had to leave the fun.

You don't have comments activated at your link blog. I linked to you here. I will have to poke around some more.