Saturday, October 16, 2004

First Jammix of the Year

Jammix was fun last night, crowded floor and all. It was good dancing with some friends I hadn't seen in a while, though of course there was also a whole new batch of freshmen to make me feel old. Richard didn't play as much new music as he did at the last FNW, but he did do the Harry Potter waltz (pieced together from 30-second fragments throughout the soundtrack) which I just love. There were a ton of WCS tunes, too, which was really amazing. I haven't gone to the Dance Spectrum for a couple months now, but after last night I really want to get back into that again. It's fun seeing a bunch of friends who are starting to learn it, too.

And one other thing: Roble Studio now has a brand new set of purple curtains, which I expect is very confusing for the dance classes. ("Everybody face the orange curtains... ummm... no.") I was doing slight double-takes throughout the night.

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