Friday, March 12, 2004

Which Coast Are We On, Anyway?

So, as if signing up for the continuing studies class wasn't enough, I got the email about next quarter's Thursday night dance classes the other day. Richard is actually going to be teaching West Coast Swing for the first time ever, and I decided I had to take a shot at that. Richard probably isn't as definitive a source of West Coast as he is of other things, but that's okay. I'm so used to his teaching that I know it will be well within my comfort zone, which is probably good for getting me started.

That class will only go for a month, which is probably good, because it's going to make for a pretty busy April. Library nights on Tuesdays, Dreaming class on Wednesdays, and Dance class on Thursdays. Add that to the usual sort of Friday/Saturday things, not to mention working all week, and it might be kind of a lot, especially given that I tend to need a lot of down-time. But it should all be fun.

Jammix tonight!

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