Sunday, March 14, 2004

Weekend Miscellany

Focused blogging is at a bit of a low just now. Here are weekend highlights, though:
  • Jammix was fun, and as crowded as usual, in spite of Richard's ever-increasing attempts to prevent people from coming.

  • Contradancing was fun, with the very pleasant surprise of having several members of the Cardinal Whirlwinds show up.

  • I found and enjoyed a CD by a group called Paris Combo. Gypsy jazzy swingy kind of stuff, all in French. Neat.

  • I FINALLY found myself a copy of Scott Joplin's Collected Piano Works. Not just the rags (you can get those anywhere) but the waltzes and marches, too.

  • I saw Finding Nemo for the first time (another "FINALLY"). I think my favorite bits were "speaking whale" and the fish commenting on the tooth extractions.

  • Taxes done. Refund coming. Yay!

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