Tuesday, March 09, 2004


I finally decided on registering for the Lucid Dreaming class, taught by Stephen LaBerge. It ended up being a fairly close run between that and Mancall's Old Testament class, but I figured that I'll probably have more chances in the future of finding other interesting history/religious studies classes than lucid dreaming classes.

I got a slight discount for being an Alumni Association member, and also a card that I could print out for temporary library privileges. That'll get me into Green Library at least (and probably others that require student ID) but I'm not sure if it would let me check things out or not. That would be neat. I wanted to apply for a card at the Music library after I graduated, but decided against it when I found out you had to pay something like $300. Of course, this way I'm still spending the money, but I'm getting a class out of it, too.

Classes are going to be on Wednesdays, starting March 31st. So I'll need to switch around my Project Read schedule a little bit. Shouldn't be a problem though, especially since I'm not really doing anything terribly vital there these days anyway. Certainly nothing I couldn't do just as well on Tuesdays.

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