Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ghosts of Time Sheets Past

At the library last night, Alice mentioned that my W2 form was still in my mailbox (I had worked there at Project Read, April through June). So I picked up the W2, and then realized there was a stack of other papers there as well. So I started looking through them. There was a time sheet from July with my name on it, and another, then one from August... six months of old, blank time sheets. If I had been filling these out, even for only my 2 hours a week volunteering, I probably could have gotten over $1,000.

But wait! There's more! Midway through the stack I found an envelope with my name on it. Opening it up revealed a carbon-copy of a form, signed by the Department Head herself. Apparently in November, four months after I ended my three month job, I was given a raise of nearly $1/hour. I can only assume someone really liked the way I worked when I wasn't there.

Alice nixed the idea of filling out all the time sheets retroactively. Phooey. But it is supposed to be volunteer work after all. And the laughs we got out of it more than made up for it.

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