Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Viennese Videonese

Tina invited me over to campus tonight to join Opening in watching a video of their performance last Friday. So I got to see it after all, which was nice. It was just some raw footage from one of several cameras, before getting edited and all that, but it was still a lot of fun to see. I recognized a lot of the polka from the summer, though most of the waltz was new to me. The view from this camera didn't show the group shots very well, but we could usually see a few couples at a time and it was good for getting the details. I think Tina, Kari and Jeremy came up with some great choreographies and Opening as a whole did a very good job. Well done, everyone!

Someone also gave me a copy of the program from VB, and Tina pointed out my name in the "Special Thanks" section at the end, right next to Richard Powers himself, where they thanked me for helping out with the choreography over the summer. That was very sweet. There are only nine people or groups listed there, so I feel very special indeed. Especially considering I didn't even attend the ball.

[Side note: Our first attempt at finding a place to watch the video was in the History Corner, traditionally open 24 hours a day. However, the janitors have recently started kicking people out in the evenings and locking the doors. This is not cool. It was really nice to have that building available whenever people needed it for something. The whole taking-away-space thing seems to be a theme with the University this year.]

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