Sunday, March 07, 2004


It's been nearly two years now since I graduated, and so far I've been managing okay without classes, thanks to several local libraries and my voracious appetite for books. I'm starting to seriously consider finding some "continuing studies" type classes to take, though.

I was looking at the Palo Alto Adult School courses, and there are some pretty affordable classes to take there. The piano lessons caught my eye, but after emailing the instructor and checking out the book they use, I decided that the format and level probably wouldn't be quite appropriate for what I'm looking for. Too bad. There are some Spanish conversation classes that I might consider taking sometime, though. That would certainly be useful.

Then of course, there's Stanford Continuing Studies. Classes there look much more interesting in general, but also much more expensive. Some that I'm interested in are The Old Testament (taught by Mark Mancall, who I recall hearing some pretty good things about, though I never took a class from him), Consciousness, Dreaming and Waking: Exploring Lucid Dreaming, Communicating with Creativity: Strategies for Effective Writing and Speaking, and Values-Based Financial and Life Planning. It would also be fun to take some creative writing or drawing classes.

If I want to take a class, though, I should probably decide soon. The next quarter starts at the end of March, and I don't know how full registration usually gets. I'll have to think about this. It would be fun to be a student of sorts again.

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