Sunday, February 01, 2004

Good Contra. Lots of Happy.

The contra dance last night was awesome. Yay for the Guppies, for playing absolutely fantabulous music. Especially Stone's Rag, and La Partida waltz. I was just flying through some of those tunes. There were a bunch of fun new dancers, too. Quetzal came for the first time, and there was a modern dance student named Katherine from Stanford who's starting to try out other kinds of dances. Fiona and Doug were some great dancers who turned up out of the blue, but unfortunately, they're just visiting from Indiana, so we don't get to keep them. I have an invitation to go contra dancing in Indianapolis if I ever want to, though. (I'm sure that will come in handy... in a theoretical kind of way, at least.)

It was fun dancing in the new hall, too. I think the only point against it is that it doesn't have a lounge area with couches, like the Y did. Other than that it was great. And I like being able to just walk a couple blocks to get there.

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