Saturday, January 31, 2004

Crowded Bumper-Dancers

Toyon was packed last night for Bon-Bon Ball. It was amazing. Lots of new faces from the two Social Dance 1 classes this quarter. It's always good to see new dancers, of course, but it was scary trying to deal with crowds of that size, composed mostly of newbies. My steering skills have not had enough practice in that kind of situation recently. It was like bumper cars sometimes. I didn't actually see much of my partners, my head was spinning around so much trying to see and dodge the other couples. So I sat out and watched a fair amount, but it was still a fun evening. I was missing some people I was looking forward to seeing, but I also got to dance with several people I don't usually, so that was good.

I noticed that the crowd had an interesting effect on my perception of time. At first, I hadn't thought I would stay for the whole time, but I kept expecting that the floor would clear out after an hour or two, and we'd have some time for some dances with a decent amount of space. Never happened. A few people left towards the end but it was still decidedly full the entire time. Since I didn't have a watch on, that meant that I kept assuming we were only around the middle of the evening, so the end of the dance took me entirely by surprise.

Of course, Bon-Bon Ball has been reminding me that Viennese is coming up pretty soon. I still have to figure out what I'm doing about that. Not something I particularly feel like dealing with right now, though. Blah.

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