Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Passport to Somewhere

Lacey's plans for going to France this summer have inspired me to finally get myself a new passport. I got my old one when I was 14, for the Peru trip, and it's long since expired. I don't yet have plans for going anywhere specific, but I'm starting to see possibilities manifesting. Having the actual passport ready to go seems like a good preparation, as well as good message to the Universe saying "hey -- I'm ready to travel somewhere cool." Lots of places I want to see someday.

The Mountain View post office is great, with 6 hours a day that you can do passport applications. So yesterday I went down there during my lunch break to get it done. Then I waited around for 10 minutes hoping someone would get back from their lunch break to help me out before I realized that it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Just because I was at work didn't mean everybody else was. Darn. So I did it today instead.

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