Sunday, January 18, 2004

The ReReturn of the King

Mom and I went for our second viewing of Return of the King yesterday. It was fun seeing it on opening day a month ago with Google-folks, but I think I still needed to see it with Mom. It seems to count more this way, somehow. Her appreciation of it increases mine, I think. Plus, I saw the first two with her, so it was nice to finish off the set. When the entire extended DVD version of the series comes out, we're probably going to need to bring Lacey down for a weekend and have a Lord of the Rings marathon. I'm hoping the extended version shows what happened to the white orc, since they seemed to make him important enough to deserve to be specifically defeated, but we never saw it. Maybe they'll even explain where all the horses disappeared to just before the last battle. Probably not, though, since I don't think we were supposed to notice that.

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