Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Damaged in Handling

I got an envelope in the mail today. About three inches of the top right corner were completely ripped off, and the bottom left was nearly gone as well. The entire thing had been given a thorough crumpling. In case I hadn't noticed all this, there was a friendly reminder in the form of a red stamp reading "Damaged in handling in the postal service." I'm curious about what happened, though, since this thing clearly went through a lot more than just "handling." Oh well. The item inside miraculously survived, being much smaller than the envelope itself. I don't think anything else is missing, though anything really could have escaped from there.

That's probably about the biggest mail screw-up I've had since sophomore year, when I got that email from a random person saying they found a pile of mail in the hallway of one of the portable office modules out behind Wilbur dorm. In it was something I was supposed to have received six months ago at the post office halfway across campus. I just have to wonder how these things happen sometimes.

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