Saturday, February 07, 2004

The Governor of California Waltz

That's how Richard has taken to announcing it when he plays "The Orgy" from Conan the Barbarian. yay california. siiiiiigh.

FNW was a lot of fun last night. Bob and I have been working out lead-changes for the Bronco schottische, which can be kind of tricky, but we're starting to get the hang of it. The feet actually go pretty much like the regular lead-switching schottische, but getting the hands in the right position is harder to do concurrently with all the other stuff going on. We also had an absolutely spectacular polka. (Yay for the Hamster Dance!) Annaka and I danced the triple-exclamation-point fast waltz, which wasn't nearly fast enough for us. Fast waltzes are just too easy with her. If Richard doesn't start playing anything faster, we're going to need a handicap or something. It's fun to have people like Bob and Annaka around, so I've always got a buddy for the really energetic dances. Thanks to everyone else I had wonderful dances with, too.

I had thought about leaving FNW early to go to some of the Swing Kids dance, but I couldn't bring myself to leave without the zweifacher, or the last cross-step. So I dashed off right at midnight (pumpkin time, but somehow I was still ready for more dancing). The swing announcement said it was going until "late," so I figured that would be at least 12:30, maybe 1:00. No such luck. The Toyon couches were just being moved back into place when I arrived, and I was severely chided for my tardiness. Oh well. I still got to say hi to some people and I even got one of the spiffy new Swing Kids t-shirts, with Rebecca's cool logo on it. Very nice.

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