Friday, February 06, 2004

Nighttime Daydreaming

I had another one of those nights last night where I had too much music on the brain to go to sleep. I recently started listening to a band called Fountains of Wayne, and these guys are really strong in the melody department. Real earworm material. I think one of their most popular songs is "Stacy's Mom," which is a little weird in that it's about a kid who's in love with his girlfriend's mom. But it's a really fun song, and just sticks in the brain like glue. Another one that I've completely fallen in love with is "Troubled Times." On the sillier side of things, they've got "I Want an Alien for Christmas."

So anyway, there I am: in bed, tired, trying to go to sleep. But my inner musician is just going crazy with these songs. Not only am I singing them, but I'm coming up with awesome guitar arrangements and killer solos and everything. It's amazing how good of a guitar player I am in my head, considering how little I play it in real life. I should really get the guitar out more and figure out how to do the whole singing and playing at once thing. I'm sort of scared to try, though. There's no way I could recreate the stuff from my imagination, and I don't have enough guitar skills to even console myself with. Oh well.

Dancing tonight. Yay! Unfortunately, some silly person scheduled the Swing Kids dance against the Friday Night Waltz AGAIN. Hmph. But better too many dances than too few.

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