Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Pondering Peripatetic Perambulations

Walks are good. Especially at night in cool weather. The salsa class last night was rescheduled due to a blood drive in the same location, so I took the opportunity to stroll around campus for a little while. There are lots of nice places around there that I miss seeing. Then tonight after work I just went walking around downtown Palo Alto, just to walk. I should do that more often.

Walking is really relaxing. I find that my mind goes into a state similar to the pre-falling-asleep stage at night. It's relaxed, and not trying for anything, so interesting thoughts and ideas float up to the surface, or get triggered by things I see around me. Coming back, I immediately need to grab a computer or a notebook to jot things down that I want to remember. I like it.

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