Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The visit last night was much fun, as always. I wish Greg and Shaleece didn't live so far away, so we could see them more often. We also got to meet Shaleece's mom, who's quite a kick as well. Curtis taught us a new card game he had invented, called Compression, which I thought was very cool. (Not only the game itself which was good, but also just the fact that he would bother to sit down and create one at all.) I only got called Greg once, amazingly enough. I was quite impressed. (Mom avoided the problem entirely by calling me "honey" all night, which is sort of cheating.)

Greg also told me about, which I want to check out sometime. It sounds like sort of a catch-and-release program for books. It could be a really neat thing if you've got enough people in an area doing it.

Oh, and here's something else that came up last night that I want to know more about. I read something once where the author mentioned in passing that there was scientific evidence of some sort that there had once been only a single human language in existence. Shaleece has heard the same thing, too, but we don't know what that evidence is or where it came from. Anyone ever heard about this? It's got me kind of curious, mostly because I want to know how they figure out something like that. I'll have to try to look it up sometime. Not now, though. Time to go to work.

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