Saturday, July 05, 2003

There was an itty-bitty Friday Night Waltz last night. You'd almost have thought there was something else going on or something. Sheesh. And lots of extra leads. Luckily, we had a fair contingent of guys who like to follow. I think I may have danced a good half of my dances with guys, including lots of polkas with Bob and a fun, three-person rotating swing (to schottische music) with John and Heraldo. Unfortunately, my knee started giving me trouble after a while, so I danced less towards the end. It's ridiculous -- I dance for seven days straight at Waltz Week, then rest for another week, and only now does anything start hurting. Oh well. I think it's better this morning, though I haven't tried dancing on it yet.

Today I'm going up to Berkeley to visit Mom and go used-book store questing. Fun fun.

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