Sunday, July 27, 2003

The contradance last night was pretty good, but I was reminded of how much the music can really make or break a dance. The band was good at what they did, but old-timey music just doesn't really do it for me. They pretty much just had one sound, without even any different arrangements, and no contrasting tune changes or anything. And I hate to say it, but if I'm not paying close attention, all old-timey tunes sound alike (I know, I know, just like all Irish, Klezmer or Ethiopian tuba tunes sound alike if you don't know the style at all). Irish bands and such will at least play sets of tunes in different keys, so even if you're one of those people who doesn't pay a ton of attention to the music, or doesn't know Irish or whatever, you can at least catch the changes, which increases the energy. And of course the absolute best bands can play all sorts of different things, in lots of different styles, instruments combinations, etc. They're the ones that can keep you dancing effortlessly all night. Last night it was a bit of work for me to keep my energy up. Oh well.

Dad's stopping by for a short visit today. Yay! Then this afternoon my adventure will be attempting shape note singing. I haven't really done it before (well, okay, a couple songs at Camp Harmony two years ago), I'm not at all confident about my singing, and I doubt I'll know anyone there. So it'll be a bit of a challenge just to get myself to go, but hopefully it will turn out to be fun, too.

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