Saturday, July 12, 2003

So that turned out to be a pretty good choice after all, for various reasons. Though I missed dancing will the friends who went to the Doghouse, there were still a few Stanford people and other friends at the contra. And I made a potentially very useful job contact with one of them. Yay for dancing friends who work cool places. Plus, the music was great. Laura Light and George Paul were out here from Virginia. At first I wasn't that thrilled; it was just piano and fiddle and the first couple sets weren't all that exciting. But once they got going -- wow, it was awesome. They even played a swing dance (Laura sang "Blue Skies"), right in the middle of the first half, which almost never happens. And lots of the tunes were pretty swingy. So it was a good mix. I probably wouldn't have gotten any fiddle tunes or contradances at the Doghouse. :-)

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