Friday, October 06, 2006

1.93 Books Per Day

In approximately the last month, I've acquired 58 books. This is wonderful. The major sources have been the Menlo Park Library book sale,*, and Mom downsizing her library. Luckily, I also picked up a new bookcase left on the sidewalk. Still, I should probably slow down a bit soon. Yes, I'm a bookaholic.

* Technically, I've also given away a dozen books on BookMooch, which would affect the overall change in my library size. Still.


bryan45777 said...

I've aquired 4, which is heady stuff on my budget ! Is it true that dance partners never date?

Anonymous said...

Well, that's awesome! Good for you. Are you into The Discworld Series?

jenchen said...

Oh, you've a ways to go before you catch up with me. I think I have some kind of disorder. Yes yes I will go check out BookMooch now..