Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Voice Lessons in Your Car

Driving home tonight in singing mode, it occurred to me that someone should make a really good set of voice lessons on CD, like what Pimsleur has for learning languages. They could be for Tenor, Baritone, Bass, etc., instead of Spanish, French and all those. I'm sure I'm improving a little bit just by singing along with my favorite songs on my iPod, but any actual progress is probably minimal. So it would be good to have some sort of instruction/direction, and lessons/exercises that would specifically improve different aspects of my singing. That would be a great use of 20-30 minutes of commute time a day. I did a quick search on Amazon just now, and saw a few individual CD things, but nothing that looked really worthwhile. I'm imagining a full-sized course, with 20 CDs or something. Anybody know if something like this exists already?


Kimmy said...

That would be neat. Or...to practice singing fast, you could sing the Lonely Goatherd. ;)

Tandava said...

Ah yes, that would be a good yodeling workout, too. I should add that to my playlist.

Lacey said...

Hey, wait a minute. I thought you were close enough to Google to bike to work now! What are you doing still sitting in the car? :) Sorry, just giving you a hard time. I should bike to work as well... my only obstacle is the giant hill atop which my place of work resides. :P

But on to your question.... I know someone who knows someone who I think may know a good full-blown singing program on CD (sounds promising, huh?). I'll see if I can get info, or even a copy, for you.