Monday, January 09, 2006

Caught One!

Alright, so events warranted, and here's the update to follow that last post. I was out apartment hunting in Mountain View this weekend and I found a bunch of not-quites and so-sos, but one just-right baby-bear apartment nicely located between work and downtown. After a quick evening of debating with myself (with help from Mom) I submitted an application, which was approved today. So in February, I will -- finally -- be moving out of the Chateau de Weird an into a "real" place of my own. After nearly four years here, this will be a very exciting change. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

The name of the apartment complex, as has been noted by several people already, is a little ridiculous, due to its silly juxtaposition of an Italian word with an Old English street name. I will therefore refrain from using it here, and simply refer to it by its anagram, the Live Light Ward. It may also simply be known as "the Villa" (as a nice contrast to "the Hotel," which I'm moving out of). If you're curious about my actual address, the specific apartment is numerologically represented by Temperance / The Heirophant in a Tarot deck, and when added to the street address, results in the year beginning the War of Jenkins' Ear, between Great Britain and Spain. So it's easy to remember. As of February, please address all written communications there.

As a corollary to all this, of course, a room will be opening up here if anyone wants a cheap place close to Stanford. Let me know. It takes a certain kind of tolerance to live here, but it's got some good points to it.


bananafish said...

Congratulations dear Graham, The Vegan and I are indeed very happy and excited for your new transition. She is still working out your clever riddle of an address (I, of course, being older and wiser did in fact decipher it immediately, but I will not interfere with this chance for her to exercise her mind by revealing the solution). Please extend Bartholomina and Gloria my best.

Quena said...

Wheeee!!! So very exciting!! When can I visit your new space!! When are you moving? Can I help?


AdamTest said...

Oh my goodness, Graham, only you would come up with a riddle like that :D

And hey, congrats on the move!

Becky said...

oh boy!!! are you anywhere near where me & neal & deb & everyone else live?? :)

Tandava said...

Ha! That's what you've got to figure out. You're just trying to get me to give it away.

Moving day is Feb 4. You are welcome to come help move, or come for a visit any time after that.

Thanks. :-)