Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I took a look at my NaNoWriMo novel tonight for the first time since November. I want to get it printed up at Cafe Press so it can be like a real book, rather than just a Pinocchio blog-book. I've been thinking about doing a major editing process on it, but I just can't quite work up that much motivation or time. I'm thinking it's interesting enough as it is, as an artefact of my first novelling attempt, and I don't have any particular hopes for it beyond that. So what I'm doing for now is just rereading the whole thing, and giving myself permission to make slight alterations as I deem necessary, without feeling pressured to do major revisions. Then I'll get it formatted up all book-like and anybody who wants one can get a copy. Haven't decided on a cover yet (any suggestions?).

I'm not very far into the rereading yet, but it's comforting that so far it hasn't made me cringe (at least not too severely). It's neat to be reading it as an actual, complete story, flaws and all.

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