Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Reading all the discussion about Six Apart acquiring LiveJournal made me think of going back and finally figuring out how to get my blog syndicated on LJ, which I did. So all you LJ-types out there can go to this page, add it as your friend, and then get my updates that way.

For anyone interested in how I did it, you need an LJ account first. Then go to this page and enter the site feed of your blog in the form at the very bottom. Unfortunately though, you don't get any control of the LJ version of your feed once you do that. So you can't format it nicely, disable comments, or anything. But I guess that makes sense in a way, since you could be adding anybody's site feed in there, not just your own. And I'm glad to see that there's a way to do this, i.e. make LJ a general feed reader. I had always assumed it must be possible somehow, but I didn't know how.

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