Friday, February 24, 2006

Interior Pictures

So I decided my apartment was finally in good enough shape to start sharing more pictures of it, for you curious ones out there. It still needs a lot in the way of decorations, but at least all the furniture and stuff is taken care of. Also, it's not quite as tidy as it might appear here, since I was running around ahead of myself the whole time to move various bits of junk behind me for the pictures. (And that's quite a trick, let me tell you, running ahead of and behind myself at once.)

You can look at the whole set of the pictures here. My bedroom layout is working okay as it is this way, and the new bed is nice. I'll might want some small rugs for the extra floor space, and I definitely need something nice to cover the vast expanse of empty wall. Ditto for the main living room wall, but I'm thinking some large-scale, ongoing art project for that. That could be fun. In the living room, I put the TV, rug and couch all on a diagonal, which I think looks neat, though it's hard to tell in the photo. Kind of marks it out as a separate space from my little "office" area in the nook behind it, too.

Anyway, it's all coming together nicely, and it's definitely feeling like home. I like it a lot.

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cristie said...

Yes, it's great to see it coming together, seeing as how I saw it as a cavernous place piled with boxes! :) It's looking like "home..."