Monday, February 06, 2006


Everything went quite well on Saturday, thanks to everyone who came to help me move. There was a bit of a worry early on when the Uhaul place told me they had never heard of my reservation (Greg tells me this is business as usual for Uhaul) but luckily enough they had something available and it worked out. It took under four hours to load everything up (including disassembling some furniture), drive it down to the Live Light Ward, and unload/reassemble it all. Unpacking the many boxes stacked up around here will still take awhile, but the essentials are done and what little furniture I have is up and situated. There are a number of things I'll need to buy, but it's at least somewhat resembling a home, rather than a storage area. All this space is still a little mind-boggling: a bedroom AND a living room AND a kitchen! It's the first time I've lived anywhere with more than one room to call my own, and just deciding what room things go in is an unexpected challenge. Fun, though, and I'm definitely liking it here so far.

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Gaby de Wilde said...

I use to live in rooms, now I have my own apartment but after 6 years it's still much to big. It's pretty funny cleaning it all if you're not used to it.