Sunday, February 19, 2006

Singing! Dancing! Playing!

Gary had his 70th birthday party yesterday and it was fantastic. It was at Etz Chayim (née Palo Alto YWCA) and tons of people completely filled the building with music and dancing for the entire afternoon and evening. It was really nice to get a good fix of some things I haven't really done much of for a couple months (or longer): shape note singing, irish tunes, and contra dancing. I need to try to start doing some of that stuff in the normal course of life again soon. All very fun.

I also saw Galt and Janet again for the first time in years, which was nice, and met their 10-month old son Connell, who I absolutely adore. He seemed like the happiest little baby I've ever seen, just toddling around smiling at people and trying to get a hold of any musical instrument he could see. He's definitely got music ingrained in him already. And when his daddy starts playing, he just doesn't have eyes for anything else. It's wonderful.

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Bunyamin Najmi said...

Did you ever try Indonesian dance ?