Monday, August 04, 2003

Upgrades: Blog, Job and Food

Notice anything different? I've got BloggerPro now. On my end that means I can do spiffy things like uploading files and changing post times. On your end that means you don't see any banner ads at the top of the page. So that was a cool little perk. Another perk was arriving at my desk to find it all ready with computer, phone, pens, a notebook and (this is the part that amused me) a toothpick. One single, individually wrapped toothpick. I was looking closely to see if it had a little Google logo on it, but I guess it may also have been left by the guy who used this desk before me. Funny, though.

The first day of work was good, though not a whole lot happened. First days rarely seem to be all that interesting. I had paperwork and account setting up to do of course, and I got shown around the buildings, along with another blogger-newbie. We're in an office with two other people and a full wall window looking out on a lawn and trees, so it's pretty nice. It's also good to be sitting with friendly people you actually work with, as opposed to just being shoved off in an inconspicuous corner and ignored, as in so many temp jobs. As far as actual work goes, we mostly just spent today getting familiar with some of the existing documentation and websites. The actual support system itself is in the process of switching over to something new right now, so there's not much point in getting us into that until tomorrow. So it was an easy day today.

Also, since I know a lot of you will be asking this, yes, the food is awesome here. There are snack rooms everywhere, a barbecue lunch outside, and a gourmet chef in the main building across the street. Here's a sample menu, just to rub it in a little more. :-)

Oh, and here's another funny thing I found out about. There is now a HotOrNot for blogs. Kind of interesting for checking out random blogs by other people.

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