Thursday, August 07, 2003

Blogging Fun

I finally made my blog template much more clever. Now I actually have mini-blogs for all my sidebar stuff and they're included into the file with Javascript. That actually wasn't too hard, but making the archives all work together was a bit trickier. Especially since I kept making stupid Javascript mistakes and having trouble finding them. Oh well. It seems to work now. And now I can change my template all I want and not have it keep erasing all my old reading lists and whatnot. That was what I mostly wanted, though the principle of separating data and presentation is always good, too.

Golly, what do I do after working at Blogger all day? I come home and futz around with my blog. Oh well. I did have choreography-testing break (with Tina, Kari and Jeremy) and a piano playing break (with a piano). So I guess I'm not entirely imbalanced yet. :-)

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