Saturday, August 16, 2003

Tango Swing

FNW last night was fun, though rather different than usual, being in Alameda, smaller, earlier in the evening, and with a strangely high proportion of tangos. And some of those tangos were considerably more swing-like than tango-like, the most notable example of which was the Pink Panther Theme. I followed Miriam on that one, in some strange tango-swing combination thing that was actually pretty incredible, in spite of the fact that my following instincts from the two styles are so different that they kept clashing and screwing things up. After that dance, a photographer from the Alameda Journal came up to us and asked for our names. This was mildly disconcerting, as the only photo I could remember her taking of us was of Miriam dipping me, and I don't dip all that well. So I don't know if I should hope we make it into the paper or not. The Journal is online, but only the articles, not the photos, so I won't really be able to check very easily.

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