Sunday, August 31, 2003

Kids, Origami Butterflies, and Dinosaurs

Well, okay, I wasn't going to do much detailed blogging, but visiting Kid's Community with Tina this morning was so much fun I've got to put in a bit about it. Tina helps run the class of about 10 or so K-1st graders, and I got to be a visitor, about midway between a kid and a volunteer. (As in: I'm sure I acted quite mature for a six-year-old. :-) There's something really nice about being able to play with kids, and to be sort of accepted as one of their own, to a certain extent. You can really tell when a kid doesn't like you, or doesn't want to play with you, or whatever. They let you know -- none of this "tolerating" or "being polite" stuff that grown-ups learn how to do. But also, when they do like you and play with you, it has a very special, genuine feeling to it, and that's what I really love. Plus, it's just fun to goof off sometimes. :-) Anyway, there were some highly amusing moments during the morning, so I'll leave you with a couple of them, in case they're even half as amusing to read....

I had folded a couple origami butterflies during craft time and I gave one to Charlotte. She liked it so much that she unfolded it and ripped it in half. Hmm. Unfortunately, she still wanted a butterfly, so later on I gave her the other one. A few minutes later I saw that it was still intact, but she cheerfully informed me that "If I decide I don't want a butterfly anymore, I can just kill this one, too!" I told her it really wouldn't be nice to unfold this one, and she must have taken it to heart. The next time I saw the butterfly, it had every one of its folds stapled shut. Ouch. For a sweet little kid, she can be awfully vicious with origami.

Another kid quote, from Melissa I think, on going through various toys in a box: "Look! A giraffe, right here with all the dinosaurs! Who would have imagined it?"

I suppose I could also tell about Matthew's thousands of magazines, Brooks' thumb-eating beans, or the kid who wanted to give somebody "a swimming frog that actually vomits," but that's probably enough for now. :-)

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