Thursday, June 19, 2003

Today was Georgina's last day at work, which was very sad. She has to leave to do a summer school job, but hopefully there will be enough money still around to hire her back in the fall. So she brought Dani again to play with me one more time, and she definitely had more energy than I did tonight. It's not often she actually wears me out. :-) Oh well. The most confusing bit of the evening was when I was supposed to guess what she was pretending to be. For the first one, she just lay down on the floor. I guessed and guessed and finally got her to tell me that she was, in fact, the London Bridge (having fallen down). Sheesh. Anyway, since I had my camera still in my backpack, we decided to take some pictures of all of us at Project Read while we're all still together. Here they are. Actually, Dani took most of them, except for the ones with her in them. She was really having a blast with that camera.

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