Sunday, June 01, 2003

I am very happy right now -- I just found a recording of the Brothers Cazimero singing The Rainbow Connection in Hawaiian. I've been looking for that ever since Richard played it for a cross-step waltz sometime back in October or so. Hawaiian is such a great language for that song.

And speaking of waltzing, Todd and Cara (housemate and temporary housemate) have mentioned that they really need to learn to waltz before they get married in August. So I get to teach them and maybe drag them to FNW or something to get them dancing a bit. That should be fun.

And not speaking of anything in particular, the streets here in my neighborhood are getting blocked off, which is becoming really annoying. Apparently they are being made into "private streets," which is a concept I don't entirely understand. Even if you block off part of a street, you have to leave another end open so people can get to their homes. So the only result I can see is that it is now much harder to get anywhere from my house. I either have to take the street with all the stoplights, or else zigzag around all the stupid barriers. Grr. Anyway, end of rant.

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