Thursday, June 26, 2003

Last night's dance was the Bal Blanc, and I actually wore white this year like I was supposed to. Yay me! Baguette Quartet played a lot of very nice music, and I had several good dances, including a tango polka with Eric. You can find polkas everywhere if you just know where to look. :-)

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon regarding Waltz Week. I get a curious feeling half way between being in camp-mode and being in real-world mode. There are lots of people together for lots of dances and classes and having lots of fun, but then I also have to take breaks to go to work. Plus, everything's over by 11 or so at night, hardly camp hours. Hmm. No point to all that, really. Just something I was noticing about the way I've been experiencing it all.

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