Monday, June 30, 2003

There was some slight excitement this morning when I went to work and found that I had been given an out-of-date address for the company I was supposed to go to. Luckily, however, they had only moved to the next building. Disaster averted.

I spent a while this morning waiting for someone to set me up with a computer. This seems to be a pattern for the beginnings of jobs, especially now that I've been watching it happen to other people this summer. The job itself was slightly less exciting than the trip in, but I did learn a few useful tricks with Microsoft Word and Excel. (It's handy being able to learn on the job. No one has to know that when you say "Yes, I can do that" what you really mean is "Well, I'm pretty sure I can figure it out.") The schedule is a bit annoying. They don't want me in there until 10 in the mornings, which leaves me with an amount of extra time that is small enough to make it difficult for me to use well at that time of day, but large enough that I feel guilty if I don't. Plus I have to work later if I want a full day's pay. Also, they want me there for the next two days and then "probably next Wednesday." So I had to explain that they can have me for as long as they like, if it's continuous, but since I have to make money at a reasonably steady rate, I can't promise that I won't have another job next week.

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