Sunday, February 02, 2003

Well, I'm still muddling along in the Land of the Disconnected. The new DSL stuff should have arrived Friday, but by now it's looking like it'll be at least Monday. Very frustrating. I'm posting from the library again. Anyway, there's more interesting stuph to write about....

I went to the Bon Bon Ball on Friday night. Lagunita dining Hall isn't the greatest place to dance (an oblong, slippery floor covered with lots of beginners) but it was still fairly fun. The lovely Tina Wong has graciously agreed to be my date to the Viennese Ball. Lucky me. I skipped the Swing Kids dance last night. I'm sure it was fun, but I felt like having more of a quiet evening. Instead, I watched Summer Stock, a Gene Kelly movie I hadn't seen before. I particularly liked the bit where he was dancing on newspapers and squeeky floorboards for sound effects. That was a really cute scene.

I also got to talk with Quena last night. She's TA-ing a dance class at Davis and passing on some of the dance limericks I wrote for a dance class essay a couple years ago. She said they're doing hustle now, so she told everyone my hustle limerick. I'll put it here simply because I amuse myself:

The hustle, as a dance, isn't funny,
Except when one hops like a bunny.
I simply can't stand
To see a one-two-three-AND --
It just makes my insides all runny.

And as for today -- Happy Candlemas! Mom and Jim and Lacey and I used to decorate candles at Candlemas, cutting out strips of colored wax to put on them. We'd cover them with pictures of the past year, or things to look forward to for the next year, or just random stuff. I haven't done that for a few years, but I kind of miss it. I can burn my spiffy colored drip candle today, though. I got some new candles from Monee and I found a bigger, better bottle to put them in and drip them onto.

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