Saturday, February 08, 2003

I went and got measured for my tails today. This is a picture of the style I'm getting, except I'll have a dark blue vest and bowtie, so it'll be a bit more interesting than just black and white.

Miriam and I went to the last hour or so of Opening rehearsal today to watch and give comments and suggestions, since the Ball is less than two weeks away now. Then we went over to Lag with Qi, Tina, Jeremy, Sherman, Brian and some other dancers. I don't really miss dorm food, but brunch has always been my favorite meal and it was kind of fun to go to a post-rehearsal brunch with people again. We had a long discussion about the choreographies over our pancakes and eggs and whatnot but gradually left the table behind entirely to explain and demonstrate various steps (luckily the dining hall was starting to clear out a bit by then).

I'm heading over to Rossmoor soon. Greg is visiting at Monee and Pa's for the weekend, so I'm going up there to see them and Mom. I'll be coming back after dinner but I don't know yet if I'll feel like heading to the contradance or not. FNW was fun last night, by the way. I had a couple really nice dances as a follow -- a waltz with Borden and a swing with Kari. And then the fun zweifacher with Annaka, of course, with whom I also did a swing containing a surprise polka. And the usual lovely last waltzes with Tina. Thank you, everyone!

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