Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I'm feeling rather better now. I had a fairly unhappy weekend. Not so much a Valentine's Day thing by itself as just an overall buildup of several things, including general February unhappiness and letting myself get depressed and lonely. Jammix was on Friday, but I wasn't feeling very dancy. It seems lately that I don't really dance so well anymore, like I've been going gradually downhill over the last several months or year. Sigh. But I went to the Austria week cross-step lesson last night anyway, since cross-step is my favorite dance. The little room in Roble was completely packed so I ended up out in the hall giving private lessons to a few different couples and that was really fun. I like teaching and there was one couple that was catching on really amazingly fast, even though neither of them had danced a whole lot before. It's very gratifying to have happy students who learn quickly.

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