Monday, October 04, 2004


I just got back from my second voice class. Our first assignment was to prepare a two-minute demo or lesson of some sort to present to the class. It could be on any subject -- the point was just to give us something we were comfortable speaking to people about. Listening to people today, I learned how to dice an onion, draw in perspective, and administer medicine to a cat, among many other things. I just did a quick little bit about the circle of fifths. After each person spoke, the instructor would give her comments and critiques so we'd have something to work on (we'll be repeating the presentations for a few weeks). Not too surprisingly, one of her main comments for me was about resonance. Too much of my sound is coming from my throat, whereas I need to concentrate on it resonating in my chest and face. It's tricky, though. I can get a sense of what she means when we're just doing vocal warmups or humming or something, but I have trouble even thinking about it, much less doing it, when I'm actually trying to speak coherently in front of a group of people. So it'll take some practice.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe..You're going through what I went through only a month ago..Good luck..It's not easy..