Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Biz came out with a new Blogger Knowledge article today, in preparation for National Novel Writing Month: Blogging Your Novel (Part One). I'm working on Part Two, which will appear next week. I've also created NaNoBlogMo, a new blog to gather together participants who want to blog their novels. It'll be a place to browse through and see what everybody is writing about. And if you're going to be blogging your own progress through November or posting a completed novel, you can fill out a form there and I'll add you to the listings. (Assuming I don't get entirely swamped -- we've already had a lot of submissions just since this afternoon.)


Misty said...

I have tried submitting my novel two times so far and I do not see it listed. What could I be doing wrong?

Tandava said...

The only thing you're doing wrong is not being patient enough. I have a couple hundred submissions backlogged that I still need to get to. Please don't resubmit -- I'll add it eventually.